Itoh or Intersectional Peonies

Hybridized by Dr. Itoh in 1940's Japan, these crosses of tree peony and herbaceous (garden peony) combine the best traits of both classes.  Blooms resemble tree peonies in form and color, but have the substance and longer bloom time of the bush peony.

Fifty blooms are not uncommon on established plants and there can be six weeks of color as secondary buds open.  Plants come in many rare colors such as yellow, peach and coral, as well as the usual peony colors of orchid, pink, red and blush white.

Plants like full sun to part shade, with rich soil and good drainage.  Foliage stays nice until late fall when it can turn lovely fall colors.  Container plants can be planted anytime of the year. 

 All Kridler Peony Pricing:   1g. Pot = $45,  2g. Pot = $65,  3g. Pot = $95

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Bartzella Itoh - A vigorous plant with stunning brilliant yellow peony with blooms up to 6". Semi-double to double. 36" high and wide. Mid to late bloomer. Has a pleasant, lemony fragrance and very vigorous growth.
Berry Garcia Itoh - Large, semi to double, light apricot-pink petals, flushed with darker pink and accented by contrasting yellow stamen. Lightly fragrant.
Berry Garcia
Canary Brilliant Itoh - Generously sized white to pink/lavender petals. Superb dark green, deeply cut foliage, mounded form. Semi-double. Mid to late bloomer. 26" high to 48" wide.
Canary Brilliants
Cora Louise Itoh - Generously sized white to pink/lavender petals. Superb dark green, deeply cut foliage, mounded form. Semi-double. Mid to late bloomer. 26" high to 48" wide.
First Arrival Itoh - Semi-double to double, up to 6-8" blossoms; large lavender-pink blooms with red flares in center; strong stems hold deeply cut foliage in dark green; abundant blooms on symmetrical mounded shrub. 30" tall and 48" wide; Early to mid bloomer.
First Arrival
Garden Treasure Itoh - This semi-double peony has vibrant citron undertone colored blooms and blooms longer than herbaceous peonies. Mid to late bloomer. with lemony fragrance. 24" tall and 60" wide.
Garden Treasure
Julia Rose Itoh - Opens cherry red, fades to apricot-yellow settling on a rich, creamy yellow as the bloom matures. An attractive mix of variously colored blooms on one plant! Vigorous and floriferous. 28" tall and 42" wide with 6" blooms. Semi-double and a mid bloomer.
Julia Rose
Magical Mystery Tour Itoh - Blooms open creamy yellow with a flush of lilac pink, ageing to ivory with a pink picotee and red centers.
Magical Mystery Tour
Morning Lilac Itoh - Semi-double lavender pink flowers have white and fuchsia striping with red tipped carpels. 5" blooms, Semi-double, 32" tall to 40" wide.
Morning Lilac
Prairie Charm - Blossoms of various shades of yellow with a hint of yellow-green. Red center flares. Vigorous grower with abundant blossoming potential. The plant remains in bloom for an extended period of time.
Prairie Charm
Raggedy Ann Itoh - Produces large fully double, pastel pink flowers which are deeply cut and fringed. More compact size than some varieties. 24"-28" high.
Raggedy Ann
Scarlet Heaven Itoh - Petals surround a golden center of anthers with red-tipped carpels inside. One of the fastest growing peonies.
Scarlet Heaven
Scrumpdileumptous Itoh - Huge 6" flowers are semi-double consisting of creamy-yellow petals with pink blush. Mild fragrance.
Singing In The Rain Itoh - This Itoh Peony offers huge, semi-double blooms of creamy yellow, flushed with salmon as they mature. 36" wide x 25" tall.
Singing In The Rain
Smith Family Yellow Itoh - Fragrant, fully double, clear yellow flowers up to 8" across on strong stems. Attractive, disease resistant foliage. 36" wide x 28" tall.
Smith Family Yellow
Yankee Doodle Dandy Itoh - Semi-double blooms are deep rose pink with a deep plum eye-zone surrounding a tuft of golden stamens.
Yankee Doodle