Prices and availablitliy subject to change (*denotes limited quantities).

Afterglow (24"x48") Heart shaped green leaves with wide. Gold margins.  Moderately corrugated leaves. Sun tolerant. Sport of ‘Climax.’  Lavender flowers 17.00/gal.
American Halo (20"x50") Thick rounded green-blue leaves with streaky cream-white margins.  Good slug resistance. White flowers. 20.00/gal.
American Hero (12"x22") Dark green margins with creamy white centers speckled with green.  Strong bold variegations all season.  Tough and durable.  Sport of 'Revolution.' Lavender flowers. 17.00/gal. 
Arctic Blast*  (20"x43")  Frosted blue edged leaves.  Vase shaped mound.  Lavender flowers.                 9.00/gal.
Autumn Frost (12"x16")  Frosty blue leaves.  Wide bright yellow margins.  Sport of 'First Frost'.  Lavender flowers.  22.00/gal.
Big Daddy (25"x48")  Frosty blue cupped and heavily quilted leaves.  Pale lavender flower.                      20.00/gal.
Blazing Saddles*  (18"x24")  Large oblong green leaves with cream-white edges.  Lavender flowers.  25.00/gal. 
Blue Ivory  (16"x24")  Wide creamy white margins with blue centers.  Thick substance.  Slug resistant.  Sport of 'Halcyon.'  Lavender flowers.  20.00/gal.
Blue Flame  (18"x40")  Blue green ovate corrugated leaves.  White margins. Pale lavender flowers. 21.00/gal. 
Blue Mammoth (30"x70") Semi-upright blue leaves. Slug resistant. Purple flowers. 15.00/gal.
Blue Mouse Ears (8”x22”)

Blue-green nearly round leaves. Thick substance. Lavender flowers.

Captain Kirk (23”x42”)

Thick wide dark green margins with gold centers. Fast grower. Sport of ‘Gold Standard’. Lavender flowers.

Captain’s Adventure*    (16”x24”) Greenish-yellow leaves with white margins.  Centers and margins divided by green lines. Sport of ‘Captain Kirk.’  Lavender flowers.             25.00/gal. 
Cotton Candy*  (14”x32”)  Heavily misted green and white leaves that change to bright green by august. Sport of ‘Pathfinder.’ Lavender flowers. 15.00/gal.  
Church Mouse (8”x14”)  Thick blue-green, coarse wavy leaves. Lavender flowers.  20.00/gal. 
Coast to Coast  (30”x36”) Giant solid gold hosta. Lighter gold in sun.  Thick puckered wavy edged leaves with near white undersides.  Upright vase shaped.pale violet flowers.  15.00/gal. 
Color Festival   (18”x25”)  Dark green borders with pure white centers divided by splashes of yellow. Fragrant mauve/lilac flowers.  20.00/gal. 
Colored Hulk  (15”x18”)  Thick slightly cupped, heart shaped lime green leaves with a wide dark green border. Lavender flowers.  20.00/gal. 
Cool as a Cucumber  (28”x48”)  Bright green margins which jet toward the clear white centers, graceful arching mound.  Light lavender flowers.  16.00/gal. 
Dancing Queen  (18”x30”)  Long pointed yellow rippled and quilted leaves. Lavender flowers.  15.00/gal. 
Diamonds are Forever  (10”x24”)  Low growing, flattish mound of green leaves with  wide crisp white margins. Perfect for edging. Member of tiara series. Purple flowers.  20.00/gal. 
Deep Space Nine  (20”x42”)  Wavy dark green leaves with yellow margins. Thick substance.  Pale lavender flowers.  18.00/gal. 
Dream Queen  (18”x25”) Round bright blue-green leaves with streaky white to pale yellow centers. Sport of ‘Great Expectations’.  White flowers.  25.00/gal. 
Dreamweaver  (30”x72”) Creamy white leaves with wide blue-green borders. Sport of ‘Great Expectations’. White flowers.  25.00/gal. 
Drinking Gourd  (22”x46”) Dark blue-green seer suckered leaves with heavy substance. White flowers.  12.00/gal. 
Earth Angel  (22”x40”) Heart shaped blue-green leaves. White margins. Slug resistant. White flowers.  25.00/2 gal.
Elvis Lives  (21”x52”) Upright mound of rippled wavy blue foliage in spring. Midsummer leaves turn green. Pale purple flowers.  25.00/gal. 
Empress Wu*  (42”x6’) Huge, thick dark green leaves. Leaves strongly upright and form a tall clump.  Probably largest hosta that exists.  Lavender flowers. 35.00/2 gal.  
Eternal Flame  (14”x36”) Wide dark green margins with white of ‘whirlwind’. Slug resistant. Lavender flowers.  18.00/gal.
Faith*  (16”x40”) Thick, lightly cupped and heavily corrugated nearly round chartreuse leaves that later turn bright yellow. Slow grower. Needs some sun for best coloration. Near white flowers. 25.00/gal.
Fire and Ice (15”x24”) White centered leaves with wide streaky dark green margins.  Reverse sport of ‘Patriot’. Mauve/lilac flowers. 15.00/gal.
First Frost (14”x36”) Dark green-blue centers. White margins. Good substance. Pale lavender flowers. 25.00/gal.
Fragrant Blue (18”x45”) Frosty blue leaves.  Medium growth rate. Fragrant pale lavender flowers. 25.00/gal.
Fragrant Bouquet (20”x36”) Wavy heart shaped apple-green leaves with yellowish creamy margins. Slug resistant. Fragrant white flowers. 11.00/gal.
Fragrant Dream (22”x36”) Dark green leaves with creamy yellow margins which age to white.  Sport of ‘Fragrant Bouquet’.  Fragrant white flowers. 11.00/gal.
Frances Williams (24”x48”) Powdery blue-green corrugated leaves. Wide creamy-yellow margins. White flowers. 25.00/ 1½ gal.
Fried Green Tomatoes (25”x59”) Shiny frosty dark green leaves. Near white flowers. 9.00/gal. 22.00/2 gal.
Gay Blade (12”x22”) Gray green leaves with white margins. Lavender flowers. 15.00/gal.
Gentle Giant (42”x65”) Wide blue green corrugated, cupped and twisted leaves. Upright habit. Lavender flowers.  20.00/gal.
Goldbrook Grebe* (12”x18”) Slightly ruffled, heart shaped green  leaves with wide creamy edge.  White undersides and red petioles.  Slow grower. Lavender flowers. 20.00/gal.  
Great Arrival*  (26”x50”) Heavily corrugated, ovate blue-green centers.  Bright gold margins that later turn white.  Near white flowers. 15.00/gal.
Great Expectations (24”x50”) Blue-green margins. Gold then to white centers. White flowers. 15.00/gal.
Grover Cleveland* (24”x51”) Deep blue-green, broadly ovate, heavily corrugated cupped leaves.  Thick substance. Pale lavender flowers. 15.00/gal.
Guardian Angel* (24”x36”) Large blue-green heart shaped, moderately rippled leaves with grayish-ivory variegated  centers.  Heavy substance. Near white flowers. 15.00/gal.
Gypsy Rose  (20”x30”)  Dark green leaves with much brighter yellow stripe in the middle than ‘Striptease’ . A mutation  of ‘Striptease’. Lavender flowers.  15.00/gal. 
Halcyon  (28”x30”)  Ovate flat, slightly wavy blue leaves. Lavender flowers. 15.00/gal. 20.00/2 gal. 
Hannibal Hamlin  (24”x46”)  Dark green slightly rippled leaves.  Semi-upright habit.  Pale lavender flowers. 14.00/gal. 
Happy Dayz  (18”x28”)  Wide blue-green margins with yellow centers.distinct and cheerful hosta. Sport of ‘Orange Marmalade’.  Light lavender flowers.  16.00/gal. 
High Society  (8”x15”) Wide blue margins with yellow centers. Small and a slow grower.  Sport of ‘June’.   Pale lavender flowers.  16.00/gal. 
Hudson Bay  (24”x24”)  A tri-colored: flares of apple green between creamy white centers and bright blue margins. White flowers.  20.00/gal. 
Imperial Palace* (25”x53”) Leaf centers change from yellow to creamy white. Medium green margins. Very pale lavender flowers. 15.00/gal.
Independence (10”x20”) Creamy white margins with dark green centers. Pale lavender flowers.    30.00/gal.
Indigo (12”x25”) Blue lance shaped, slightly cupped leaves. White flowers. 18.00/gal.
Island Breeze (12”x18”)

Wide dark green margins with bright yellow centers.sun tolerant.  Red speckled petioles.  Sport of ‘paradise island’. Dark lavender flowers.

Ivory Queen (12”x18”) Heart shaped leaves with blue-green margins. Cream clored centers.  Purple flowers. 16.00/gal.
Joy Ride (16”x36”) Wiggly, broadly mounding mass of very wavy blue-green leaves accented with upright folded edges.  Light lavender flowers. 15.00/gal.
June Fever (16”x30”) Bright gold centers. Narrow dark green margins. Sport of 'June’. Bluish lavender flowers. 25.00/gal. 
Justine  (12”x30”)  Bright gold centers with narrow dark green margins.  Very thick substance. Pale lavender flowers.  15.00/gal. 
Kiwi Full Monty  (20”x36”)  Bluish green leaves with a wide central  cream stripe. Sport of ‘Striptease’. Light lavender flowers.  15.00/gal.  
Krossa Regal   (33”x70”)  Pewter blue-green leaves.  Vase shaped growth. Slug resistant. Orchid flowers.  10.00/gal. 
Lakeside Cupcake  (5”x12”)  Nearly round leaves with blue-green margins and gold centers/mature to cupped blue margins with white centers. Green jetting between the centers and margins. Purple flowers.  12.50/gal. 
Lakeside Love Affair  (18”x36”)  Beautiful tricolor. White centers with dark green margins.  Lime green streaking toward centers. White flowers.  20.00/gal. 
Liberty  (26”x39”)  Matte green leaves with wide golden margins. Sport of ‘Sagae’. Lavender flowers.  25.00/2 gal. 
Mack the Knife (10”x26”) Very thick green leaves with unusual yellow orange colored slightly rippled margins. Pale lavender flowers. 15.00/gal.
Majesty (14”x48”) Dark green centers with white margins. Sport of ’Sagae’. White flowers.  15.00/gal.
Mighty Mouse (7”x12”) Round blue-green leaves surrounded by a wide yellow border that ages to white. Similar to ‘Frosted Mouse Ears’, but edge is slightly more white.  Dark lavender flowers.  16.00/gal.
Moonlight (20”x36”) Green gold leaves with yellow-white margins. Pale lavender flowers.  15.00/2 gal.
Moonstruck (10”x24”) White centers with wide dark green margins. Leaves ovate shaped and slightly cupped. Lavender flowers. 20.00/gal.
Mr. Watson*  (18”x40”) Corrugated gold leaves with thin green margins.  Sport of ‘King Tut’.  Thick substance and slug resistant. White flowers.


Neptune  (24”x47”)  Narrow wedge shaped glaucous blue leaves that are heavily rippled.  Good substance. Cascading form.  Lavender flowers.  15.00/gal. 
Nifty Fity*  (24”x60”) 

Corrugated  and unruly blue-green centered leaves with wide yellow to creamy white margins. Thick substance. Near white flowers.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake*  (18”x50”)  Bright gold, narrow rippled leaves with green margins. Lavender flowers.  12.00/gal. 18.00/ 2 gal. 
Popcorn*  (12”x24”)  Yellow leaves what change to cream in summer. Blue margins.  Leaves with age develop heavy cupping.  Lavender flowers.  20.00/gal. 
Prairie Sky* (14”x36”) Powdery blue, lightly cupped leaves. Thick substance. Purple flowers. 20.00/gal.
Prairie Sunset* (19”x24”) Dark green margins surround bright gold centers.  Leaves are corrugated at maturity. Sport of ‘Prairie Fire’. White flowers. 28.00/gal.
Rainbow’s End (10”x16”) Thick glossy canoe shaped leaves with bright gold centers with wide greenblack margins. Reddish-purple flowers. 20.00/gal.
Rainforest Sunrise (10”x18”) Leaves are solid light green when they emerge, then quickly develop dramatic dark green borders and radiant gold centers.  Light lavender flowers. 15.00/gal.
Raspberry Sundae (12”x20”) Creamy white centers with irregular green margins with some red pigmentation.  Burgundy flower stalks and leaf bases. Violet purple flowers. 15.00/gal.
Regal Splendor (30”x72”) Frosty blue leaves with wavy cream margins. Sport of ‘Krossa Regal’. Unique vase shape. Orchid flowers. 14.00/gal.
Remember Me (12”x24”)  Creamy white leaves with blue margins. Sport of ‘June’. Lavender flowers. 11.00/qt.
Richland Gold* (14”x30”) Greenish yellow to bright gold leaves. Fast grower. Sun tolerant.  Light lavender flowers.


Rootin Tootin  (16”x24”) Slightly cupped dark green leaves with lime green to creamy white centers. Lavender flowers. 20.00/gal.
Royal Standard (18”x36”) Shiny bright green leaves. One of best for deep dark shade. Very hardy. Fragrant white flowers. 10.00/gal. 15.00/2 gal.
Rubies and Ruffles (15”x30”)  Upright green leaves with creamy white ruffled margins. Dark purplish, red petioles, scapes and seed pods.  Fast grower and prolific bloomer.  Pale purple flowers. 25.00/gal.  35.00/2 gal.
Sagae* (30”x70”) Dark green centers surrounded by a wide margin that goes from gold to creamy white. Wavy leaves.  Thick substance. Lavender flowers. 20.00/gal. 25.00/2 gal.
Secret Ambition (10”x16”) Blue-green leaf borders with yellow centers that turn white later in the season. White flowers. 15.00/gal.
St. Elmo’s Fire (16”x30”) Buttery yellow centers that darken to light green.  Smooth white margins. Red petioles. Pale lavender flowers. 20.00/gal.
Seducer (24”x35”) Large green leaves edged with wide ruffled bands of gold. Small wiggly white line between the center and margin. White flowers. 20.00/gal.
September Sun* (22”x34”) High contrast between green margins and yellow centers.  Lavender flowers. 15.00/gal. 20.00/2 gal.
Sieboldiana Elegans* (34”x48-75”)  Heavy textured, blue-green foliage Super substance. White flowers.  25.00/2 gal.
Something Else (19”x50”) Gold corrugated leaves. White flowers. 15.00/gal. 25.00/2 gal.
Sound waves* (24"x36") A Kridler Garden release.  Matte blue-green leaves.  Forms a large broad plant. Lavender flowers. 15.00/gal.
Stained Glass (14”x45”) Broadly ovate shaped golden leaves with dark green centers. Fast grower. Slug resistant. More sun brings out the gold. White flowers. 15.00/gal.
Spartacus (26”x51”) Medium green centers with 1” wide  rippled gold margins. Tremendous specimen plant. Near white flowers. 18.00/gal.
Steffi* (16”x40”) Light green centers with yellow edges in spring.  Later dark green centers with white edges. Lavender flowers. 12.00/gal.
Stormy Seas (26”x52”) Deep blue-green broadly oblong ovate corrugated unruly leaves. Thick substance. Pale lavender flowers. 20.00/gal.
Striptease (24”x48”) White stripe that appears between green margins and gold centers. Sun tolerant. Pale lavender flowers. 15.00/gal.
Sum & Substance (30”x60”) Giant, upright satin gold leaves. Massive specimen plant. Slug resistant. White flowers. 15.00/gal.
Sun Dancer (18”x24”) Dark green oval leaves.  Creamy white margins. Lavender flowers.  11.00/gal
Sun Power (24”x48”) Brilliant gold somewhat twisted leaves. Glows in the shade. Sun tolerant.  Upright vase shaped habit. Pale lavender flowers. 12.00/gal.
Surf N Turf* (25”x65”) Dark green slightly shiny corrugated leaves; rippled edges.  Lavender flowers. 22.00/gal.
Thunderbolt (18”x40”) Rubbery, corrugated blue green leaves with narrow yellow thunderbolts down the centers.  Sport of ‘Sieboldiana Elegans’. White flowers. 15.00/gal.
T-rex (30”x80”) Giant slightly corrugated, wavy and floppy huge green leaves.  White flowers.  25.00/gal.
Valley Glacier (14”x28”) Heart shaped blue green leaves with very wide yellow margins that later turn to cream. Mauve/lilac flowers. 12.50/gal.
Victory (30”x70”) Giant white margins with medium green centers. Upright spreading habit. Vigorous. White flowers. 15.00/gal.
Vulcan (18”x30”) Bright white leaves with dark green margins with lighter green streaks where the margins meet the leaf center. Pale lavender flowers. 20.00/gal.
Wedding Night (14”x32”) Leaf color lovely combination of yellow and white against a green base. Streaked rippled leaves. Unusual. Bright purple flowers. 29.00/gal.
Wheaton Blue (23”x50”) Blue-green lightly corrugated and wavy leaves.thick substance. Fast grower. Sport of ‘Paul’s Glory’.  Pale lavender flowers. 20.00/gal.
Whee (15”x28”) Extreme ruffled thick green leaves with white margins. Slug resistant. Light purple bell shaped flowers. 20.00/gal.
Whirlwind (14”x30”) Gently cupped and twisted white leaves with wide dark green margins. Entire leaf turns medium green as season progresses. Slug resistant. White flowers. 15.00/gal.
White Wedding  (7”x14”) Wavy, narrow green leaves with white margins. Semi-upright growth pattern. Pale purple flowers.  15.00/gal.
Winter Warrior*  (19”x39”) Wavy leaves with dark green centers and creamy yellow to white margins. Pale lavender flowers. 15.00/gal. 25.00/2 gal.